Molontay Roland PhD védése

Szeretettel meghívunk mindenkit Molontay Roland Structural Characterization of Complex Networks c. PhD értekezésének nyilvános védésére. A védés 2021. máj. 7-én 10.00 órai kezdettel online módon kerül sor a MS Teams rendszeren keresztül. Az értekezlethez való csatlakozás linkje itt érhető el.

Absztrakt: In this thesis, we investigate various aspects of the structural characterization of complex networks. Complex networks have attracted a lot of research interest since the millennium when the prompt evolution of information technology made the comprehensive exploration of real networks possible. The study of networks pervades all of science, such as Biology (e.g., neuroscience networks), Chemistry (e.g., protein interaction networks), Physics, Information Technology (e.g., WWW, Internet), Economics (e.g. interbank payments), and Social Sciences (e.g. collaboration and acquaintance networks). Despite the fact that networks can originate from different domains, most of them share a few common characteristics such as scale-free and small-world properties, high clustering, and sparseness. Characterizing the topology of networks is very important for a wide range of static and dynamic properties (e.g. the topology of social networks influences the spread of information and disease). In this thesis, we will focus on two very interesting aspects of the structure of complex networks, namely fractality and robustness, moreover, we will explore the structural characteristics of co-authorship networks and prerequisite networks.