Fractal geometry and its applications research group

Head of the group

Balázs Bárány associate professor


Péter Bálint associate professor
Al Jammor Mediya Bawakhan PhD student
Sándor Kiss associate professor
Roland Molontay associate professor
Rudolf Dániel Prokaj assistant
Sándor Rokob PhD student
Csaba Sándor associate professor
Károly Simon professor
Bálint Vető associate professor

Open positions

Open postdoctoral position in fractal geometry


Our research group is hosted by the Department of StochasticsInstitute of Mathematics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
Address: Egry József u. 1, building H, 5th and 6th floor, 1111 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 1 463 1673

Research activity

Fractals are the "irregular and fragmented" shapes that surround us, described by Mandelbrot as "irregular and/or fragmented in a repeating pattern at all levels". The attractors and invariant measures of deterministic and random iterated function systems (IFS) provide a precise mathematical model of this scale invariant property. One of the main goals of our group is to understand the structure, regularity properties and dimensions of the resulting geometric shapes and measures through various dimensional concepts and measures. Such fractal patterns occur naturally in many areas of the natural sciences, including mathematics. Another main goal of our group is to deepen these connections and to apply fractal geometry.


The project KKP144059 was funded by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology through the National Research Development and Innovation Fund, under the Programme of Excellence in Research.